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Its an Era of Connected Applications

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Mobile Development

Android, IOS, Windows Apps & Games

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Websites, Web Apps & Ecommerce portals

Embedded Development

IOT, Survelliance and Smart Devices

Advanced Robotics

AI, Neural Networks and Machine Vision

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Technical Workshops, Industrial Training’s & On-Site Project Training’s.

I have deep passion to share my knowledge


Technology Consulting, Platform Consulting & On-Site Project Consulting.

In need of Consultation, i am here to help.




Designing, Development & Building Solutions.

Creating the Next Big thing is my Love

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A Little About me

photoVaaiibhav(real name: Vaibhav Vaidya) is a Freeelancer from India. He likes to Describe himself as a TechnoSage on the Holy Pilgrim of TechKnowledge. He works on more than 47+ Technologies and Prides calling himself a Genius. With about 8 Years of Experience being currently aged 26, is also the Founder of 3 Startups. He has inexpressibly huge dreams, and believe dedication and Persistance can make them come True. Apart from his busy Schedule, he puts out Time to write this blog coz he believe’s he can come up with interesting solutions to technical problems which may help others. He loves to Help, and also doesn’t mind accepting new connections in his social media platforms, so you can follow, tweet , facebook him on the links to the right.



Dont Work.


You Do.

  • We can always count on him as he always Delivers
    Navjyot Mande
  • His Consulting and Training to our Team, saved us from a sinking Offshore project Disaster
    Mahesh Ughade

  • Always on time and Exceptionally Service
    Sunaina Singh
  • We just had an idea. He presented and helped us at each step to turn it into fully functional Application
    Saira Khan