Do you want to manage your Arduino with an IR remote? does one need to use your Arduino to manage your stereo or alternative devices? This IR remote library allows you to both send and receive the IR remote codes in various multiple protocols. The library can even be used to record codes from your remote and re-transmit them, as a least universal remote.

How to Receive Data.

You need to download Arduino-IRremote-master from git hub, move to library folder below arduino. Ensure that the IR remote control is functioning. Humans can’t see IR light with naked eye. But, you’ll be able to check infra-red with a smart phone camera. I’ve tested it on my Lenovo K3 Note and it does show LED on. The IR receiver is TSOP 1738 from Vishay; operating voltage: 5V; Testing distance: 5~8m; Construct the circuit on bread board.


Through Naked Eyes.


Through IR.

Next Comes the Schematics:

Once you have IRremote library installed, your will beable to get the example thru arduino ide interface. Open File->Examples->IRremote->IRRecvDemo I enhanced it by adding a function decodeSignal to transform IR value into meaningful value like button 1, 2, 3, power, mute…