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Hi i am Vaibhav Vaidya, Mostly known as Vaaiibhav Vaidya as online Personality. Let me Introduce Myself.

I began taking  Computer Science Courses in Engineering college after Completing my Electronics Diploma.

I am deeply  interested in Computers and Web design, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, R,  Power Electronics, Electrical Power Distribution and Generation, Hardware Software Interfacing, and Embedded Technologies, but most of the courses I was taking in college were totally unrelated.
I dropped out figuring that I would be able to learn more on my own than any college could ever teach me. So I began reading Books, Online Tutorials, and Technical Videos.

I Started Taking Interest in Business Management and Expansions after Reading a Plethora of Technical, Management and Marketing Handbooks, I Started Formulating my Own Strategies.

I am Heavily inspired by the art of war Techniques and Started Implementing  them in my Business Processes.

I wanted to know anything and  everything . I was designing websites in HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails. I spent almost all of my savings buying more books on different programming languages and other Learning Materials and Gears.
I was Extremely addicted. The whole concept of  programming and Building Intelligent Systems, Excited me.
As I continued to study more and more, I began to realize that most of the books seemed to lack Creative Teachings, Implementing new Concepts, and based solely on the Basics.
The material was useful, but they were far from engaging. I tried to look online for a more interesting source of learning but to no success also most of the online Resources are Out of Date or untested and do not Provide Workable Knowledge. So i decided to publish learning Materials of my own.

Hi Guys! I’m an Athlete by Morning,  Teacher by day, Developer and Innovator by night, and Music Lover and Practitioner at Evening, And Sports-Man and Family Guy during Weekends.

…this is my Mantra :

Let us make our hearts as big as an ocean, to go beyond all the trifles of the world and see it only as a picture. We can then enjoy the world without being in any way affected by it. — Swami Vivekananda

Feel Free to Check out my Work, and use it as you please,  and most of all Have fun Coding!